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Journalism, Editing & Publishing

WC Journalism, Editing & Publishing (JEP) Minor 

Students interested in the fields of journalism, and editing & publishing are invited to deepen their understanding and practice a range of applicable skills within the classroom and through internships and other opportunities for experiential learning. Whether through interviewing members of the College community for news story in Intro to Journalism or learning how to screen poetry submissions in Literary Editing and Publishing, students will develop and strengthen the essential skills of critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis. Furthermore, the minor will foster increased creativity and clarity of expression through a study of writing in a range of different styles and modes. The minor will appeal not only to English majors but also to Communications majors as well as to a host of students majoring in the humanities, social sciences, and even the natural sciences.

Take the "Living Writers: Journalism" course where students meet with the writers they are studying. Come join us in Spring 2022 for these events:

  • Environmental Journalism: Earl Swift, author of Chesapeake Requiem: A Year with the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island. February 24
  • Community Journalism: John-John Williams IV, Baltimore Sun; Katie Tabeling, Delaware Business Times; Emma Way, Axios Charlotte. March 8
  • Science Journalism: Erika Hayasaki, author of The Death Class: A True Story About Life and Associate Professor of Literary Journalism at UC Irvine. March 22
  • Narrative Journalism: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, contributor to The Believer, GQ and The New York Times. April 21

Course Requirements:

Checklist: Journalism, Editing & Publishing Minor

Students must take a total of six (6) courses (22-24 credits) and attend six (6) literary events to complete the JEP minor. Special topics courses, which will also count in some categories, will vary each semester.

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Note: Students may count up to two courses (8 credits) toward multiple programs in the English department (i.e., toward the English major, Creative Writing minor, and/or Journalism, Editing & Publishing minor).

Gateway: 2 courses (8 credits)

Choose two (2) courses from:
ENG 101 Literature and Composition
ENG 103 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 201 The Art of Rhetoric
ENG 221 Introduction to Nonfiction
ENG 224 Intro to Journalism
CMS 101 Intro to Communication & Media Studies
Advanced Courses: 3 courses (12 credits)

Choose three (3) advanced courses from the list below, as well as additional ENG dept “special topics” Journalism or Editing & Publishing courses:

ENG 354 Literary Editing & Publishing
ENG 393/493 Journalism Practicum (must take both)
ENG 454 Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 394/494 Special Topic focused on Journalism or Editing & Publishing

NOTE: Students are allowed to count one (1) class on media from ANT 420: Media and Power, BUS 451: Advertising, POL 334: Media and Politics, SOC 294: Media and Society, or a related discipline with permission of the Chair of English.

Internship: 1 course (2 or 4 credits)

At least one (1) 2-4 credit internship. The internship can be completed either on or off campus during the academic year or the summer.

  • ENG 390/490: Journalism or Editing & Publishing Internship
Events: Attendance at 6 literary events. 

Students are required to sign the official attendance form at the event in order to be credited with attendance.

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