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Faculty in the News

Faculty in the News

3/30/2022 | The New York Times
The New York Times discusses the influence of gender on partisan affiliation and ideology, while also analyzing the relevance of of societal perspectives in regard to the subject. Featured in the article are the results of Dr. Melissa Deckman’s study (co-authored with Dr. Erin Cassese of the University of Delaware) on “gendered nationalism” that highlights different political outlooks between men and women. 
3/29/2022 | The Christian Science Monitor 
An article for The Christian Science Monitor examines the exile of multiple Guatemalan judges and how this indicates setbacks in combatting high-level corruption. Dr. Christine Wade of Washington College offers insight into US policy in Central America and why it has been inconsistent in addressing this challenge. 
3/19/2022 | The Baltimore Sun 
The Baltimore Sun discusses how Maryland conservatives are recruiting school board candidates to represent their opposition to COVID-19 mandates and the inclusion of social issues in the classroom. Dr. Melissa Deckman, chair of the political science department at Washington College, discusses past examples of school boards serving as a “political battleground” and offers insight into how the economy and pandemic may influence the outcomes of the races. 
2/24/2022 | World Politics Review

In an article for World Politics Review, Dr. Christine Wade discusses the arrest of former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez at the request of the US Department of Justice. Dr. Wade examines Hernandez’s enablement of state-sponsored drug trafficking and his relationships with United States presidential administrations, as well as his probability of extradition to the US. 

2/18/2022 | Insider

Insider writes about the efforts of Generation Lab, a startup that is working to provide polling data on young Americans. Dr. Melissa Deckman discusses how although it is difficult to encourage young adults to respond to polls, new weighting techniques can ensure that their opinions are being accurately represented. 

1/27/2022 | Latin America Advisor
In a Q&A for the Latin America Advisor, Dr. Christine Wade of Washington College discusses the recent inauguration of Xiomara Castro, Honduras’ first female president. Dr. Wade examines how while Castro’s objective to combat corruption in the country is a positive development, factions in her party threaten her legislative agenda. 
1/20/2022 | Global Americans
In an article for Global Americans, Professor Christine Wade of Washington College discusses the 30th anniversary of the Salvadoran peace agreement and its lasting ceasefire. Dr. Wade analyzes the agreement's achievements and shortcomings, as well as the government’s criticism of the accords.
1/20/2022 | Kyodo News

Kyodo News analyzes President Biden’s foreign and domestic strategies during his first year in office. Professor Andrew Oros of Washington College discusses how the US can practice priority-setting in regard to foreign policy and how this may be affected by factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

1/19/2022 | Washington Post
The Washington Post discusses the fundraising efforts of several Maryland gubernatorial candidates. Dr. Melissa Deckman, chair of the political science department at Washington College, provides insight into the significance of political fundraising and its implications regarding candidate capability.