Famous Sociology Majors

Though your parents may not believe it, there are thousands of accomplished people with BA, MA, and PhD degrees in sociology, who are not necessarily Sociologists with a capital “S”.

Below is a list of just a few...



Rev. Martin Luther King

Roy Wilkins, former head of NAACP

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Shirley Chisholm, former Congresswoman from NY

Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from LA

Barbara Mikulski, US Senator from Maryland

Tim Holden, Congressman from Pennsylvania

Ronald Reagan (double major in sociology and economics)

Emily Balch, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize winner (a social worker and social reformer)

Francis Perkins, social reformer and former Secretary of Labor

Richard Barajas, Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court

Michelle Obama, lawyer and former First Lady of the United States

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, 34th President of Brazil

Arne Duncan, Former US Secretary of Education 

Alondra Nelson, Deputy Director for Science and Society in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary for President Biden

Cory Booker, US Senator from New Jersey


Saul Bellow, novelist

Dan Aykroyd, actor/Blues Brother

Robin Williams, actor/comedian

Dinah Shore, singer

Ruth Westheimer, the ‘sex doctor’

Kalpen Suresh Modi, White House Liaison for Arts and Humanities

Amanda Gorman, America's first Youth Poet Laureate 



Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat

Bryant Stith, Boston Celtics

Brian Jordan, Atlanta Braves

Joe Theismann, NFL quarterback

Eric Bjornson, Dallas Cowboys

Bobby Taylor, Eagles cornerback

Ahmad Rashad, Sportscaster

Megan Rapinoe, US Women's Soccer 


Adapted from information obtained 1/29/2021 from ASA website.


Senator Barbara Mikulski speaks with students at a tea before a public event at Washington College. Credit: © 2017 Tamzin B. Smith