Academic Requirements

Major Requirements

To major in French Studies, the student must take at least eight courses (32 credits) at the 200, 300 and 400 levels and complete the Senior Capstone Experience. The courses chosen for the major must include:

  • Either 301 or 302 (or an equivalent taken abroad)
  • Either 303 or 304, to be taken on the Washington College campus.
  • FRS 375 if studying abroad
  • At least two courses at the 400 level, one of which must be taken during the senior year on campus.
  • For those students beginning FRS at either the 100 or 200 level, FRS 201 and/or 202 may count toward the major.

Minor Requirements

If you’re primarily interested in another field, adding a French Studies minor can broaden your understanding of that field and propel your career – a language minor goes well with every major! Students who begin a language with 101, 102, 200, or 201 must take a total of six classes in order to obtain the minor. Students who begin with 202 or above must take a total of five classes, at least one of which must be at the 400 level.