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Types of Scholarships  

Honors Fellowships are awarded to first-year students admitted to Washington College. Students may apply on their own for these scholarships, but may also be nominated by their admissions counselor. Priority consideration for these scholarships is given to students who apply to WC by December 1st.

Honors Fellowships are interest-based scholarships that offer a variety of opportunities throughout the recipient's time at Washington College, continue below to learn more about each individual Honors Fellowship. 

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Merit-based academic tuition scholarships are offered to students based on GPA, test scores, class rank or other criteria as determined by the Office of Admissions. 

Students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships when they submit their application. At the time of admission, students will be notified of their eligibility for merit-based scholarships. Awards generally range up to $30,000, renewable annually.

All admitted National Honor Society and Cum Laude Society students who have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or better receive at least $25,000 in an academic tuition award.

Academic tuition scholarships are awarded to active Phi Theta Kappa members who apply as transfer students. 

These scholarships recognize academic achievement regardless of financial need. More than half of our students qualify for a merit-based tuition scholarship. Scholarship amounts can be up to $30,000 per year.

Washington College is excited to accept Tuition Exchange applications each year from member institutions under the guidelines of the Tuition Exchange organization. Supporting the educational opportunities of the children of colleagues in higher education is important to us, and we are pleased to be a part of this service.

The Tuition Exchange scholarship covers the total cost of tuition to WC for up to 4 years of undergraduate education. This scholarship does not cover the costs of room and board, or other fees.

Learn more about WC's Tuition Exchange process

This $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to an incoming first year student and will renew annually for four years. All majors and interests are welcome to apply! Applicants must submit an essay about a political topic of their choosing. 

Deadline: 4/24/22 at 11:59pm 

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The Kent County Vincent Hynson ’87 Scholarship honors the memory of a Washington College graduate who led an exemplary life as a teacher, coach, pastor and leader in the Kent County community. Hynson, a graduate of Kent County High School, attended Washington College as a non-traditional student, receiving a degree in history in 1987.

The scholarship ensures that full direct cost financial need is met after family contribution and federal and state sources are considered. The recipient must apply for and accept all federal and state need-based aid, including grants and student loans. 

To be considered for this scholarship, you must graduate from a Kent County high school, file a FAFSA by March 1, and complete an on campus interview. 

Children of former full-time Beneficial employees, with two or more years of service with Beneficial Corporation and its subsidiaries immediately prior to June 30, 1998 are potential candidates for these full-tuition scholarships. Eligible applicants should request consideration with their application for admission.

To qualify, students must satisfy BOTH of the following conditions:

1. Submit a letter requesting scholarship consideration prior to or concurrent with the submission of their application for admission. The letter must include a notarized statement from the applicant’s parent indicating such parent's relationship to the applicant, as well as such parent's employment history with Beneficial prior to June 30, 1998.

2. Present a three-year weighted grade point average of 3.25 or better (on a 4.00 scale).

Students who are determined to be eligible for the full-tuition Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees will be invited to interview for the scholarship.

The scholarships will be renewed annually provided that the recipient maintains continuous fulltime enrollment status and a minimum cumulative Washington College grade point average of 2.5.

WC’s Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees Timeline

Students who are applying for the Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees should adhere to the following timeline:

  • Priority Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees application deadline is 2/1/23, applications after this date will be reviewed based on availability for the scholarship.
  • Interviews for students who meet the academic standards for the Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees will begin in early February. 
  • The interview process will conclude on 3/1/23.
  • Students will be informed of the Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees decision by mid-March.

For any questions regarding Hodson Trust Scholarship for Children of Former Beneficial Employees, please reach out to Skylar Kuhn, Assistant Director of Admissions, by email at, or call 410-810-8321 (desk).

Incoming students interested in any area of theatre are encouraged to apply for the Timothy Maloney Scholarship.

Established through the generosity of alumni donors in honor of departmental founder and Professor Emeritus Timothy Maloney, this $20,000 merit scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming freshman who intends to major in theatre. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, provided the recipient maintains good academic standing (GPA ≥ 2.5) and declares a theatre major.

Learn More about the Timothy Maloney Scholarship


The Chairman's Scholarship, which is funded by GE Chairman and Washington College alum H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. and his wife Wendy Culp, selects up to five recipients to receive a $20,000 scholarship renewable for an additional three years – up to $80,000 total per recipient. Recipients must be children of current GE employees at the time of application.

Learn more about the Chairman's Scholarship


Named and endowed scholarships are provided through the generosity of donors, alumni, corporate foundations. Eligibility for endowed scholarships are based on specific qualifications as established by the scholarship donor(s), such as merit, residency, financial need, major, GPA, involvement in extra-curricular activities, etc. 

Students need not apply for named scholarships; they are awarded at the discretion of the Director of Student Financial Aid. 

Named scholarship recipients may be asked to write a personal note of thanks to the donor(s) who made your scholarship possible and/or attend a function with the scholarship donor(s).

Private Scholarships

Private scholarship funds from private donors, civic organizations, corporations, foundations or other group are considered outside awards.

These funds are posted upon receipt of the scholarship check. Checks received by our office are divided equally between fall and spring semesters unless otherwise indicated in your scholarship award letter.

A private scholarship may affect your need-based financial aid if the total financial aid, including the outside award, exceeds federally calculated need or if the sum of all scholarships received exceeds the cost of attendance. Whenever possible, the Office of Student Financial Aid will reduce loan and work-study awards first.

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Explore Our Honors Fellowships

washington scholars student solving a physics problem on a whiteboard

Washington Scholars Program

The Washington Scholars Program was developed to provide the benefits of a Washington College education to students who may have not have had the opportunity because of substantial financial need. Washington Scholars receive full tuition and fees, as well as room and board. This program seeks high-performing students who are passionate about and dedicated to their academic and extracurricular pursuits. While relieving financial concerns is a major benefit, the College recognizes that there is more to a transformative college experience than financial resources; hence, Washington Scholars is a program, not merely a scholarship.

Learn more about the Washington Scholars Program

group of students hanging out at WC waterfront campus

Presidential Scholarships

Available only to admitted students who are invited to join Presidential Fellows.

As a Presidential Fellows candidate, you have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships, ranging from the highly-selective George Washington Signature Scholarship—a full-tuition, four-year scholarship available to one (1) student, to the selective Francis Waters Scholarship, up to $5,000 tuition scholarship, available to multiple students.

Learn more about the Presidential Fellows Program 

Presidential Fellows programs and scholarships are invitation only. 

students on a trip to israel through the institute of religion, politics, and culture

The Cincinnatus Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship—with an extra $5,000 stipend for experiential learning opportunities—through The Institute of Religion, Politics and Culture at Washington College, is renewable and awarded annually to one admitted student per year with a strong interest in the study of religion’s influence on American and world history, as well as its contemporary importance for cultural and political life.

Offering experiential learning opportunities such as the Oxford Research Seminar and the Cincinnatus Leadership Scholars Program among many others, the Institute of Religion, Politics and Culture helps students explore a range of pressing issues facing contemporary society and the enduring value of America’s founding principles.

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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birds eye view of the casey academic center and campus during the spring. the sky is clear and the trees are lushious green

Eastern Shore Society Scholarship

Admitted students from Maryland's Eastern Shore or of Eastern Shore heritage who are interested in a major in environmental science or studies are encouraged to apply for the Eastern Shore Society Scholarship.

Learn More about the Chesapeake Semester

One (1) $1,500 tuition scholarship will be offered, renewable annually for four years. Additionally, the chosen scholarship recipient will receive a one-time grant of $2,000 to offset the cost of the Chesapeake Semester.

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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group walking in field at rafc with observation gear

The Environment & Society Fellowship

Admitted students who are interested in exploring environmental science or studies as a major, minor, or area of focus are encouraged to apply for the Environment and Society Fellowship.

Learn more about the Center for Environment & Society

A total of twelve (12) $1,500 tuition scholarship will be made, renewable annually for four years. 

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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students taking pictures of caught bird at foreman's branch bird observatory

The Eirik A. T. Blom Ornithology Scholarship

Admitted students who have experiences as a birder, wildlife enthusiast, or conservationist are encouraged to apply for The Eirik A. T. Blom Ornithology Scholarship.

Learn more about Foreman's Branch Bird Observatory

A total of three (3) $1,500 tuition scholarships will be made, renewable, annually for four years.

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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female student in a sweater and scarf at the rose oneill literary house, writing surrounded by event posters and publications

Sophie Kerr Gifts in English Literature

The Sophie Kerr Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship, renewable annually, offering $6,000 in scholarship funds to students interested in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism, Editing & Publishing. Sophie Kerr scholars also get the chance to take full advantage of everything Washington College has to offer aspiring writers: one-on-one mentorship with award-winning writers, a thriving community of student writers from every discipline, and guidance from professors who are themselves publishing journalists, novelists, poets, and scholars.

Learn more about Sophie Kerr Scholarships

A total of eight (8) $1,500 tuition scholarships will be made, renewable annually for four years. The English Department faculty selects the scholarship finalists. Details on the portfolio submission will be shared with admitted students in January.

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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students on a historic sailboat, the sultana, listening to a lecture

Quill & Compass Scholarships

Admitted students who are interested in exploring history, political science, communications and media studies, pre-law or American studies as a major, minor or area of focus are encouraged to apply for the Quill & Compass Scholarship.

Quill & Compass recipients are considered for special opportunities such as internships and are invited to participate in unique opportunities and lectures.

Learn more about Quill & Compass

A total of ten (10) $1,500 tuition scholarships will be made, renewable annually for four years.

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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toll fellows, two boys and a girl student working together on a physics problem at a whiteboard

Toll Fellows Program*

Toll Apprentices assist faculty and senior Toll Fellows in their original research, attend small group discussions with faculty and visiting speakers, visit regional research facilities, and tour federal laboratories.

Learn more about Toll Fellows

*Toll Fellows recipients are not awarded additional scholarship upon acceptance into the program. 

Application due February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM

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