Minta Martin

    The Washington Fund

    Your contributions to The Washington Fund can make the most widespread difference at Washington College, because it supports every student’s educational experience beyond what tuition pays for.


    Gifts to The Washington Fund shape the quality of life on campus, day in and day out, in the form of …

    • Scholarships that enable students with limited means to realize their dreams
    • Learning opportunities outside the classroom
    • Attention and improvements to the residence halls our students call home
    • Athletics equipment that boosts team confidence
    • Professional support of our dedicated faculty
    • Care of photo-worthy grounds and gardens

     … and so much more.

    The Washington Fund proves there is strength in numbers; gifts of every size add up to make a significant impact on students, faculty, and staff. That’s because the fund supports the College’s most urgent needs, the things little and large that add up to define our character and drive our mission. You know them when you see them, and as a Washington Fund contributor, you make them happen.

    The easiest way to have the greatest effect, year after year? Divide your gift of any amount into monthly or quarterly recurring payments. Your continuous support will mean the world to students, both today and for a lifetime.

    Join the thousands of alumni, parents, and friends of Washington College who give through The Washington Fund. Make your gift today!


    “Giving to The Washington Fund is about building the future, but it’s also an investment in my history. I want to always be proud that I graduated from Washington College. Colleges have to work hard to remain attractive to students on all levels, including academic programs, athletics, and infrastructure. Every dollar counts, and every contributor matters.”— Jolene Lehr ’00

    “Our class decided to give to The Washington Fund, because our money will go right back to where we think it matters most: the students. The Washington Fund does a lot of great things, not the least of which includes supporting student scholarships. We think our friends are worth it.” — WC Class of 2013