Religion, Economics, and Politics in FATA - KP

Tahir  Shad

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Tahir Shad decided to write a new book on religion, politics and economics in the Northwestern front and FATA area of Pakistan, an especially important region as it represented the epicenter of the US War on Terror. 

“I decided to write this book because most of the literature on this region was written from the Western perspective,” Shad said. “This book explores these issues from a Pakistani perspective.”   

Shad’s book, co-edited with Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi, argues that there needs to be social, economic and political development in the area and that “FATA needs to be integrated into federal structure of Pakistan.” 

What makes Shad’s book unique it its interdisciplinary approach.  He adds,  “I think students will benefit by reading the book and appreciate the complexities of the FATA through the interdisciplinary lens.” 

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